Tap 'Er Light

Dublin Gulch’s “Tap ‘Er Light” ought to be in everyone’s knapsack this summer. It is absolutely delightful. The original material is excellent and the singing and musicianship are outstanding. Plus (and this is a VERY BIG plus!) the history shines through like a new copper penny.  

Tap ‘Er Light, boys. This one is on Repeat, since I done throw’d out my remote! 

Rik James “Americana Backroads” (KGLT-FM, Bozeman, MT – www.kglt.net



Dirty Old Town

"The album displays as wide a range of flavors as pints in a pub. If you're the type to fancy a good jig every now and then, you couldn't pick a better band than Dublin Gulch."

Melissa Mylchreest    Missoula Independent

Our first studio album and did we ever have fun recording this.  Just listen to the Butte Polkas to get a feel for the wide variety of Irish instrumentals we serve up.  Heck, the vocals aren't too bad either.

Any Day Above Ground Is A Good One

Our very first recording performed on a summer's eve in 2003 before the good folks in Helena, Montana at the now defunct Toadstone Theater.  The title says it all; whether you're a miner or a minister, a mother or a mailman, you can agree that "any day above ground is a good one."  These eighteen captivating tracks celebrate some of the best loved songs and tunes in the Irish musical canon.